Spiderman would be proud :)

Quiet lazy day today, our son has a friend over, my husband is getting the boat ready so we can go lake fishing this evening and I took a couple pics. of the spidercity that has grown in a part of our backyard. It was difficult catching the webs via camera, they are amazing. The first pic. I tried to show 7 webs, one after the other, really neat ! I just find spiders fascinating creatures of nature.

The last 2 pic. shows a part of our front garden, ever so much more vibrant and prettier in real life of course.

Oh, gotta go, we're now off fishing woohoo ! Such a pretty lake and peaceful, I'll take a pic. and post one later.

Later: well we never made it into the lake because the rest of the world was there too ! We've never seen the parking lot sooooo full and people were trying to get their trucks and trailers out of the way, it was quiet mayhem. So we turned around and went home. Oh well, maybe my husband and I can go during school hours ( he works nights for awhile so him and I have the day together while our son is in school ) and catch us some bass.

Doh ! I should have taken a pic. of the parking lot !

Have a lovely evening all :)


kecia said...

ewwww, awesome spider web! i seem to notice the spider webs in the fall. (i think they are preparing for halloween). love your two canuck boys in their shades too! cute pic of them.