New Art Card

A quicky post of one of my latest art card creations. Called ' Small Blessings ', it shows a wee happy mouse taking a break under bright and cheery lilacs.
My art cards are all original creations, no prints. So if someone were to ask me to recreate a card, no two would be alike.
So far I've 10 art cards listed ~here~
The most difficult part....the pricing. I scoured many other Etsy artists to get an idea of what to price my small art which is 4.75 x 4.75 inches. Quite a few sellers original art cards were priced  low and others were quite high, so I just went with what I felt was fair.

That's it for now. I'm hoping to create a few more cards this week and/or start on some asymmetrical earrings. Until then, blessings for a lovely week ♥


Hello all :)

Well I've finally decided it's time for a sale, a clearance sale !

I am moving on from making necklaces to creating original art cards and asymmetrical/mismatched earrings. So if you love whimsical things, then please come on over to my shop and check out my 50% off necklace clearance sale:  Raven's Folly

I do have a few necklaces that aren't yet listed as I'm contemplating whether to keep them for myself or not but I've a feeling they're going to get listed. My heart leans more towards the earrings than necklaces.

Necklaces will be on sale indefinately until sold, expired or removed for sale outside of Etsy.

Namaste ~♥~


Good day/evening all.

Sometimes, when I'm not creating drawings, or earrings, or trying to write ( yup, I've got a horror story on the go but it's very slowwwww going lol ! ), or doing the other myriad of life things, then I like to make digital banners for my Facebook page:

I make them simply because it's fun and actually quite relaxing. If you happen to like any of these banners, then you are welcome to use them. A shout out to my Facebook page would be greatly appreciated but there's no pressure to do so :)

This is our backyard, early evening during a rainstorm. Some complain when it rains but I love it ♥

This banner shows Santorini Greece, a place I'd love to visit one day and just spend my time sitting in a chair like that ! I chose to surround it with two images of my hand drawn art cards and other cute-happy bits and bobs.

Photo of rainbow taken after a rare thunder 'n lightning storm here on Vancouver Island.
I used ' roygbiv ' ;)

Love Christmas banners and chose a goofy image from the movie The Grinch, along with giggling children. Laughter is a great thing to have.

 This isn't a banner but a wallpaper I made for my laptop. The 'planet' is actually a negative image of a milk, vinegar and food colouring experiment I did on a dinner plate. The rest of the image is using a photo of the sky I took from our backyard and also turned it into a negative. Kinda neat how it turned out.

So that's my show and tell for today. Oh, I don't use any fancy photo editing stuff, just Microsoft Picture It ! Premium 10 which came free when I purchased my Fuji Finepix camera back in 2005. It pretty much does what I want but I'm sure there are no doubt much easier ways to create digital collages today ( the one thing I'd love to change is the freehand tool, when I want to cut out an object and have to go slowly around the object making sure I don't miss a corner, go too straight, etc....then having to do it all over again. I'm sure there's a much easier way to do all that now. Oh well, thankful to even have a program to be able to make the banners ).
Take care, warm hugs, I'll be back :)


Destashing and drawings

Hello everyone ! I'm returning to my blog after a long time away. My online time is usually with
Facebook but I decided it's high time to post on my blog again.
Below is a new listing in my vintage shop. I've finally decided to start listing some of my art items, the ones I had good intentions for but just never got around to using them.
The belt links were going to be used as necklace pendants. My plan was to remove the jewels and create little collages but now that I've moved away from necklaces, I figure some other talented person out there could use them.
*I seem to constantly change with my art, never settling on one style. Nowadays I'm creating asymmetrical earrings ( one different from the other ) and hand drawn art cards. So far I'm loving it and haven't felt any desire to move on to some other art form.
https://www.etsy.com/listing/127522113/vintage-destash-metal-gold-tone-belt?   ref=shop_home_active

Below are some of my recent art cards, using paint, pen and pencils. I find I quite enjoy the little scenarios of houses and gardens the most and have just started a card of little homes by a lake.
Some of these will be listed in the next few weeks --no prints, all originals.

So there's my quick pop in and post. I plan to return again soon with fresh goodies and more ! ~♥~


Most Everything but the Kitchen Sink Chicken Soup Stew

The last two days I've been feeling not quite all there, lots of the sniffles and sneezing, kinda like having an allergy with a wee tiny cold.
So today I decided to make an easy chicken soup using the leftovers from our recent, Canadian, Thanksgiving. No turkey this year as my dear family were away but chicken was just as nice with all the same fixins.

All I did was remove the remaining chicken from the bones and then boil the chicken bones in a largish, just over half filled with water, pot for around 20 minutes, drained the liquid into another pot using a colander and putting aside the bones.
I poured the liquid back into the largish pot, stirred in a couple packets of chicken bovril and added the carrots, gently boiled around 8 minutes to soften and then added all that you see in the photo -- red cabbage, celery, broccoli, a leek from the garden, chopped garlic, leftover chopped roast potatoes, the peas and carrots and a good dollop of stuffing . The spices are whatever you'd like, toss in a pinch or three until it tastes right to you: I chose salt, pepper, cayenne, thyme, dill, a sprig of fresh rosemary and some sage from the garden.
Because of all the 'stuff', the soup looked more like a stew, and I let it gently simmer for around 10 minutes and voila...yummy chicken soup-stew !
I've already eaten the bowl of soup from the picture and must say I'm feeling rather awesome. My sniffles are gone and my head doesn't feel so stuffed, woohoo :) It could also be partly psychological too, being told for years how good chicken soup is for colds ( and the soul ).

So that's my afternoon treat...and evening too :) Around 40 minutes to boil up a yummy soup full of yummy vegetables, spices and good 'ol chicken.

Oh, the boiled bones....I carefully removed the small bits of chicken and our boxer dog Jujubes will get an extra treat in her dinner tonight, woohoo !


Hello, hello, hello :)

Thought I better pop by here again, remove some dust and post links to my Etsy shops. I've no idea how many gentle folks check out my blog but I've a few new things in my shops, which you can also view on the right side bar. Please pass them on to other friends/family if they're looking for something different and/or vintage for 'just because' moments or Christmas gifts, etc.....




All is well here, keeping busy with a variety of stuff from gardening to getting those boring 'don't want to do them' jobs done such as repainting the outside door trim, flushing out roof gutters....plus the annual back to school week. Our son is now in grade 11. Wow, like so many others before us ---- where has the time flown ?! I am especially excited that our son chose to take Global Perspectives, an extracurricular class that involves helping out with places such as food banks, farms, etc....and in grade 12 they get the opportunity to visit Peru and help out with a project ! We're determined to get our son there as I believe it will open his eyes even more and maybe even help him find a solid career path/choice.

As for my latest art creations, well I'm still making altered art jewelry but will confess it's tough trying to keep the high positive attitude. Online selling can bring some people down. I am not competitive at all and I don't make trendy items and I'm not an everyday seller, I stick with making what I enjoy, what brings me a smile and I list these items with the hope they will bring smiles to other kind folk who will offer the $$ to have a piece of joy in their lives.
What bugs me most is trying to figure out how else I can get my items out to more people. Of course, like everyone else on Etsy, I'd like to make more sales with my art. My vintage shop...not too concerned about it because many people enjoy vintage items and my sales are doing pretty good. If I could just get more people to like my art creations and actually want to buy them. Of course I understand the number of other creative folks on this planet who are also thinking the same. It makes me laugh quietly as I'm not a materialistic person, yet here I am creating materialistic items ! Who knows, maybe I'm not using my talent/s correctly ? If that's so, then how the heck do i figure out where to use them for a profit ? I often question my self and where I'm going. Maybe my life is only meant to keep up the house and keep the family fed ? I try to listen to my gut but get confused if what I'm 'hearing' is actual gut or reality playing tricks with me.
Anyway, if you want to check out my art shop, take a real good look and maybe you might be able to see something there that I'm missing out on ? Maybe I should concentrate on creating digital images instead ? Or paintings ? It's always helpful receiving constructive criticism from others, people who can see something the other is missing. Greatly appreciate it ♥


A fresh new Etsy seller and a Facebook page :)

So I've been pulled in by Facebook. Yes, I have a 'page' now: Ravensmagiclantern and that is where I've been hanging out and showing off my latest listings, posting treasuries and more. I realise there are many wonderful souls who refuse to get hooked by FB and I have to admit, after taking a few days away from the site, if it weren't for my Etsy shops then I wouldn't miss it. Okay, maybe I'd miss having all those contacts in one convenient easy to reach place, and some of those quotes that keep me looking forward, and the few laugh out loud status updates :)
Anyway, won't go into a Facebook rant but would love it if you decide to pop over to my page, and if you choose to 'like' my page then please let me know if you have a page and I'll pop by to like you too, woohoo ! **My blog here will continue, even if a few tumbleweeds blow through, I'm still around.

So, since I am on my blog today I thought how nice it would be to spotlight a fresh new Etsy shop.
Mr.Lounsbury is a 16 year young man who opened his shop June 28. He has several hand drawn bookmarks, some pinback buttons and a fabulous robot ( hope he makes more ! ).
Won't you welcome him as I have and give a warm round of applause to:

Michael's Medley

I have nothing but warm happy energy for this new seller as I do for all people who attempt a shot at selling their handmade creations. Perseverance is key, list list list and DON'T *compare yourself to other shops/sellers ! *I have found that when I start looking around at other sellers who create similar items to mine, no matter how casual I am...some comparison is going on and as soon as I feel myself comparing TOO much, that is when I have to push myself away from Etsy and do something completely different. If I don't, then my art 'mojo' starts to drain away. I used to waste so much time looking at how other collage artists were doing and then I'd be the one feeling like crap, wondering why I'm bothering with what I make, a horrible feeling ! So, like I said, as soon as I feel that tiny negative voice getting ready to rant with it's stupid moanings --off I go, stand outside if I have to, take a deep breath and bring myself back to my own reality. I create what I create, not what other people do.
Nowadays, the only time I start to lose my art 'mojo' is when I've been creating non-stop. A few weeks back I made a goal of getting to page two in my art shop, creating fun collage pendants, some Steampunk necklaces and other altered necklaces, great fun ! So when I hit page two, my mojo hit the wall lol ! Yup, brain freeze. Did I worry ? No. Instead, it's been over a week and I've been taking it easy, not even thinking about art, just enjoying some gardening time, helping friends, being with our son, etc....and now I'm starting to feel the art energy wake up again, a gentle itch, a few vague ideas whirling about, but I won't actually get back to creating until at least one of those ideas becomes solid and drives me to my desk. Ahhhh, what a relief it is to finally listen to my intuition/soul/spirit instead of ignoring them and ending up feeling worse. It's so true what you read about listening to your intuition ! I've always known I had it but would often ignore it --not saying I'm 100% positive about it today but it's so much better than it was.

Anywhoooo my friends, time for me to pop off. Wishing you all a lovely week ahead. Slainte ! ♥