Lost My Art Desire But Not For LOST

Hi all :)

Not sure where this blog is going. My art mojo has hit bottom, kinda feel like my artist soul is sitting in a dark corner staring at blank white paper and feeling nothing.
Etsy is part of that loss. I'm not competitive and my creations are ONE of a kind. Making gobs of the same thing just is not my style and when Etsy allowed wholesalers to come in, well, they pushed many of us small-time artists aside. Grrr !
Ah well, the world still turns and one day my creativity will return ( actually, Jay Howell's wonderful creations from Jay Howell Art have given my art flame a wee bit of desire. I may do some of my own doodles, just for fun )
For now, I'll just post random stuff whenever I feel like it.

Lately, I've been watching a tv show called LOST. It came out in '04, ended in '10 and a couple of months ago I decided " what the heck " and clicked the first episode.
Well blow me away Batman ! I was hooked !
Now I'm nearing the end of Season 5 and already feeling some anxiety for what's to come. I've been avoiding anything to do with how it ends.
And of all the characters....

Hugo Hurley Reyes is my fav. ( played by Jorge Garcia who's also in Hawaii Five-0 ) Yes, I confess to having quite a crush ( blush ). He's the dude with the long hair, wonderful eyes and gentle heart.
So if you're into ' mystery-type ' shows leaning towards weirdness, then I recommend this one :)

Well I'm off like a sweaty sock. Wishing you a good week ahead xo