New Digital Download Listings

Hello again :)

I'm still creating new pieces for ' instant downloads ' in my Etsy shop. Yes, I'll admit there have been a couple of days here and there where I felt like caving and going off on an extra long holiday BUT, I persevered, albeit it slowly, and was able to keep on creating. Yay !

My latest listing is the first one below titled ' Abstract Romance '. 30-1 inch ( 25 mm. ) circles which can be used for bottle cap creations, magnets, stickers, cards...Can be glued to a sturdier surface and turned into earrings/pendants/bracelets or a cute door dangler, mobile and more. Great for scrapbookers too.

The designs were taken from another download which I'd named Romantic Oddity -- a sheet of 2.5 x 3.5 ATC sized images ( ATC: artist trading card size, similar to a playing card ) consisting of pieces taken from one of my handmade collages along with parts of photographs and paper backgrounds.
Some of the circles were altered even further by changing the color and more.

*If you're interested/curious, then click each title to take you to my shop.

This collage comes in 4 x 4 inch tiles, large enough for coasters, cards, big magnets, even pocket patches if so inclined.
Two of my little plastic deer go on adventures to wonderful strange places. I posed them in various scenes using objects from in & outside of the home, photographed them and then did some playing around with the picture editor.


This download consists of 8 ATC sized images ( 2.5 x 3.5 inches ). They'd make fun backgrounds for your images or cut them up and use in your own collage.
Larger images can also be downsized, if you want to use them in jewelry, small magnets, etc....

So what's next on the download dream wagon ? I may photograph some 1920's adverts and play around with them. Maybe try creating a Steampunk collage.
Lots of images and designs swirling around this brain. For now though, I'm in the mood for some chocolate milk !