New Etsy Listings -- Instant Downloads !! I'm Back :)

Hello again !

I have returned to try to keep this blog up to date.

My newest and latest endeavor in my Etsy shop -- instant downloads !

For years it felt like all I ever did with my art was to question it. It wasn't until early 2014 I finally asked myself if the jewelry I was creating were pieces I would wear myself. No.
Oh I liked what I was making but only for the shop, not myself. I think that is why my interest would take big dips, leaving me feeling blue and wondering what the purpose was.
The jewelry I prefer to wear: dichroic pieces, Steampunk pieces, fantasy/scientific pieces -- but pieces I couldn't make myself as I don't have the space for flamethrowers or welding equipment.
So I stuck with other creative jewelry styles: doing collage/decoupage, small rivets, etc....but although fun to make, there was still something missing.

Fast forward to today and, after many days of thinking, searching, trying to discover where most of my art time was spent, I found that creating collages and small paintings held my heart.
BUT, still I wasn't ' full '...until a dear friend mentioned if I'd create prints from my original pieces -- so many other's could enjoy my art instead of just one person enjoying the original. I felt a subtle change come over me and that night, I checked out other Etsy shops selling prints.
It was while searching I kept seeing these ' digital downloads ', I wondered if maybe it was a kind of ' sign ' and so off I went to peruse shops that sold only these downloads.
And here I am. It took a wee while to figure out what and how to make them. Everything had to be perfect as these are creations that total strangers will be using. So, at first, I had some pieces printed at a professional print shop and only listed when they printed perfect. From there I purchased fresh new inkjet ink and printed off the downloads, which I continue to do, to make sure they print properly...making lots of notes to remind me of what tweaks might be needed done should someone find their download is printing a bit larger ( sometimes you need to click or unclick a setting on your printer. No biggy ).

My first download was listed Feb 26, one of my handmade collages named ' George Brought Traffic Lights '. It's a whimsical creation which looks great at 8 x 10 size or could be made into a sweet greeting card:

George Brought Traffic Lights

From there I decided to list collage sheets, various images for other artists to use in their art they sell.
This is my 14th. download listed:

Flowers, Gears and Abstract

No sales yet but quite a few likes which is a nice ' start '. Dusting off my blog might help too -- so do share if you know other's who enjoy digital downloads.

As for the pricing, took me several attempts to figure out what felt right. I started off around the $4.50 area but then figured, since I'm still quite new, to start a bit lower. Maybe that's not the correct way to go about it but it feels right to me.
My main $2.50 price is about the cost of a small fancy cup of coffee PLUS you can print over and over -- much better than spending gas to go to Michaels for just one collage sheet ( even if the sheet was only $1 and you bought ten sheets, that's $10 compared to only spending $2.50 and maybe a wee bit on ink ).

So there you go ! I still create handmade pieces which are mainly collage based. Love the feel of paper, scissors, glue, etc....

Not a day has gone by where I don't think of a new collage. There's so much inspiration out there !

Please go and check out my other downloads -----> shop is on the upper right. Share to your Twitter, Facebook and other sites.
** If you do share and you too are an artist with a shop, let me know and I'll check you out and share one or two of your creations.

Namaste friends xo