Good day/evening all.

Sometimes, when I'm not creating drawings, or earrings, or trying to write ( yup, I've got a horror story on the go but it's very slowwwww going lol ! ), or doing the other myriad of life things, then I like to make digital banners for my Facebook page:

I make them simply because it's fun and actually quite relaxing. If you happen to like any of these banners, then you are welcome to use them. A shout out to my Facebook page would be greatly appreciated but there's no pressure to do so :)

This is our backyard, early evening during a rainstorm. Some complain when it rains but I love it ♥

This banner shows Santorini Greece, a place I'd love to visit one day and just spend my time sitting in a chair like that ! I chose to surround it with two images of my hand drawn art cards and other cute-happy bits and bobs.

Photo of rainbow taken after a rare thunder 'n lightning storm here on Vancouver Island.
I used ' roygbiv ' ;)

Love Christmas banners and chose a goofy image from the movie The Grinch, along with giggling children. Laughter is a great thing to have.

 This isn't a banner but a wallpaper I made for my laptop. The 'planet' is actually a negative image of a milk, vinegar and food colouring experiment I did on a dinner plate. The rest of the image is using a photo of the sky I took from our backyard and also turned it into a negative. Kinda neat how it turned out.

So that's my show and tell for today. Oh, I don't use any fancy photo editing stuff, just Microsoft Picture It ! Premium 10 which came free when I purchased my Fuji Finepix camera back in 2005. It pretty much does what I want but I'm sure there are no doubt much easier ways to create digital collages today ( the one thing I'd love to change is the freehand tool, when I want to cut out an object and have to go slowly around the object making sure I don't miss a corner, go too straight, etc....then having to do it all over again. I'm sure there's a much easier way to do all that now. Oh well, thankful to even have a program to be able to make the banners ).
Take care, warm hugs, I'll be back :)