Two important necessities...

Monday was the first day of my 52 Weeks to Weightloss Challenge. I joined it on Flickr and also have a page on Sparkpeople: http://www.sparkpeople.com/index.asp
My member name is magiclantern.
Today I started back into my walking yay ! 4 yrs. ago I was with Weight Watchers and chose walking as one of my big exercises. I walked just over an hour 3-4 x a week and it felt sooo good. Then my dh was posted to Kingston, Ontario, supposed to be a year but ended up being 2 ( !! ). We had just moved to where we are now and the thought of turning around to do it all again was not pleasant, so we decided that our son and I could stay here. Nothing new there, when I married this wonderful guy I also knew I'd be marrying the navy. His going away wasn't thrilling but I had no problem handling it --what with being an only child and growing up doing a lot on my own--life just continued as usual, pay the bills, keep the home fires burning. In an odd way it gave me a taste of what living alone was like --I went straight from home to getting married so never experienced the joy of living alone. It was nice I'll admit, especially Friday and Sat. nights when I'd rent 4 movies at a time and stay up until 4 a.m ! --and then our son came along so those late nights are now memories.

Anyway, getting sidetracked there lol ! My husband was navy for 23 yrs. and retired 2 yrs. ago yay ! So now I'm starting the same walk again :)

So I decided to restart the walking this morning, by doing only 40 minutes of brisk walking, a total of 5,210 steps wow ! My free walking thingy comes in very handy ( got it from a cereal box lol ! ). What a wonderful feeling, all sweaty and on top of the world lol ! My legs were tingly, I could feel the calories burning away.

Well now here I am and I'm hungry ! There is temptation but I'm ignoring it and will grab an apple. Already had 5.5 glasses of H2O, will have 2 more for lunch. That's the glass I use above, it holds 2.5 glasses.

So there you go, just a quick jot about my exercise. I won't post everyday exercise stuff but will post weigh-in results and pictures once a week. Do check back and leave a comment too :)

Take care xOO


kecia said...

good job - keep up the hard work!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! I started exercising, because of weight gain...Please feel free to visit http://www.aturningpoint4me.blogspot.com …The invasion of the body snatcher…menopause.

Goldbettyboop said...

I have just put myself on a diet, put on 7lbs on recent holiday to Spain, as you get older it is harder to shift!!!! so I shall have to walk like mad, get out my pedometer and do it with you lol
let's keep each other posted on progress - DEAL???

Tracy said...

Sounds like a plan Stan :) BUT ---I've been posting my weight, etc...on the Sparkpage and then a pic. in the Weightloss Challenge Flickr group and keep forgetting to post here ! Will try to remember for tomorrow !