Zombie Walk !!

Just a few images from the Victoria B.C. Zombie Walk ( Sat. Oct.27, 2007 ). My friend Hazel is wearing her freshly impaled arrow, her son hasn't eaten for awhile --his bones are showing ! Her daughter had a bad accident with something sharp and my son accidentally had a rather large knife stuck through him. As for myself, well I was trying to look beautiful but all that was ruined by someone trying to rip my throat, oh well.
While Hazel was pointing the way for us ( and poking out a few dry eyes ), I had enough brain cells left to figure out how to use the camera and managed to capture other fresh zombies.

The Zombie Walk is a worlwide event, done on differing days, and fun for all ! Type it in your search bar, you should be able to find a walk for your hometown OR --create one yourself ! I'm sure more than 100 undead showed up for the Victoria one. We dragged ourselves from Centennial Square, down Broad St., through the Bay Mall onto Douglas, down View St., along Government to the Parliament Buildings. Plenty of onlookers with their cameras clicking away too.
Once we crawled and dragged ourselves to the P. Buildings, we hung around the steps, gave a few loud moans and then....that was it. Some rotting folks went to a club to continue their festivities but we headed home.
It was great fun and we're looking forward to next year !


kecia said...

love the zombie walk! never heard of it. thanks for sharing. pics are awesome. and love your rose dolly!

Goldbettyboop said...

Lol what a great time you all looked like you had....could have been extras in "Thriller" - bet next year will be a blast too.

Tracy said...

Oh yes, it was quite the hoot and lasted just a little over an hour. Kinda like a turkey dinner, takes all day to make and a few minutes to eat lol ! Next year we want to go a little more dramatic, instead of one knife sticking out of our son he's decided to go with 3 or 4 more and maybe one going through his head too ! :)