Christmas displays....

Yay ! After a couple of days I'm now done decorating our living and dining room. It was such fun and I'm still tweaking things here and there.

So here's a few pics. of the displays and I'll be posting other pics. up on my Flickr which you can access through the link on the right ( those pics. will be up in the next 2 days ).

There's our wee snowman and santa village with snowpeople nativity and my parents vintage wreath. Next are the stockings my mom and dad bought in the 1960s ( I don't think they had stockings before I came along in '67 ), and there's a painted canvas decoration I made 2 yrs. ago. 3rd. picture is another display with shots of pink and blue, last is our coffee table covered with a tablecloth my moms friend made me over 20 yrs. ago, with Partylite snowpeople skating, a sleigh I altered with 3 tags and an altered Santa candle holder. In the forefront is a tray a good friend made me and you can make out the two vintage snowman and Santa lights ( from my parents again ).
Of course it looks so much prettier in real life. Oh, the photo on top of my blog is the display I completed today. More pics. on Flickr :)

Have a lovely evening all.