Fixed the header image and a bunch of Etsy thoughts

Phew, I've been fiddling yet again with trying to resize the header image above. I've found that when I insert a pic from my computer and have the title in front of the pic, the pic. turns out the way I want. But if I press the 'instead of title' button, the pic ends up being stretched from one side of blog to the other (?!). Soooo, I decided to just click on having the title in the front and then went and minimized the title font right down to 1% in html mode. If you look closely you can make out some itty bitty words on top of and in the center of the image. The words say 'how about a spot of tea?' and just did not look right with my picture.

All I wanted was my image to look the way it does now but without the title showing. It was perfectly fine before I went all Christmassy on my blog and yes I did save the template prior to changing. Weird.

Oh well, I hope it looks okay to you as it does to me. On my 13" x 11" screen my header image is showing around 6.25" x almost 3.5". Do let me know if it's the same for you please.

So today I headed downtown to a popular bead shop and asked about making my own bails for the new pendants I'll be listing in my shop after next week.
Whoa and alas, it seems our lovely town of Victoria B.C. doesn't have much ,at all, in the way of flatback bails for simple pendants ---and with the numerous jewelry designers around you'd think I could find some very easily HA !
Well the kind lady behind the counter proceeded to make one for me to see if it would be suitable. Just wirework is all it is, and i liked it !

I had thought of making my own bails but just didn't have the right size of wire, but now I have a lovely wee bag of 20 gauge silver-plated wire and am looking forward to spending an hour making these bails woohoo !!

This new little venture I'm on is so much more pleasurable than the other altered art I was creating. This is relaxing because I'm using the same base material but each with a different design; whereas, my other altered art was all different and often overwhelming. Instead of the desire to just create, I became obsessed with making things only for Etsy, the panic feeling was always present just below my skin, the pressure of having to always create unless I wanted to fall behind all the new seller listings. Needless to say I did fall behind because I became burnt out and feelin blue ---and that's a good thing !! I began to rethink my shop and my creative processes...what one thing in my altered art did i really enjoy ? After much thinking and Etsy researching, I discovered that I prefer to work 'small'. I like details but not with large items. So now here I am and ready to renew my shop with fresh and useful items woohoo !!

Keep coming back as I'll be posting a couple of previews before listing the new goodies beginning next Sunday.....

Hugs, Tracy ooooo

Don't forget to check out my 50% off sale in my Etsy shop ( link on the right ). I want it all gone !! ( I may give one or two 'leftovers' to my friend and my mom )


TiffanyJane said...

Hi Tracy! Love your page and all your pretties you make!! All just gorgeous! I added you to my blog :)

I'll check back often, have a Great New Year!!!!
hugs, Tiff

Callista said...

great blog, i think your jewelery is very nice, great work! :)

ThisOldHenHouse said...

beautiful work! I just love your funky pieces of jewelry!