New Scrabble Tile Pendant Necklaces

Valentines anyone ? I am now beginning to list my new Scrabble tile pendants in my Etsy shop woohoo !!

The first photo shows one of two similar pendants which are already in my shop. The 2nd. photo shows a soon to be listed pendant. This one is larger than the Scrabble ones and it's also created on a game piece. The back has a mini-mirror so you can check out your lips, an eye or even your nose hair lol !

I'm really enjoying making these as I've become bored with my larger altered art items.

Check out my shop for the 2 already listed and then check back next week as I'll be listing more starting Monday :)


Dawn said...

Wow!!! these are excellent, so unique, I have scrabble tiles and would never have dreamed they could look so funky - you keep doing these cos you do them real well x

littleputbooks said...

Those are fantastic! Very uniquely done :)