Hayfever, burnt legs and the start of a nice new deck...

If there's two things I can't stand about this time of year, it's hayfever and the invariable sun burn !

Holy moly am I ever thankful I didn't have to go out today, people could have run away from me not realising it's my hayfever causing me to make constant faces. My nose is driving my crazy and I'm sitting here having to close my eyes every few seconds to help with the insane itchiness of my nose, arrrgghh ! I normally try not to take anything, thinking that maybe this will be the year where I won't suffer as much YAH RIGHT LOL ! But today I cracked, especially after sneezing 10 times nonstop after my husband sawed some cedar. Off to the drugstore ! Bought some Aerius, first time using it, hope it bloody well works. BUT, I've only taken half a tab. because it's late and I don't particularily want to waste a 12 hour pill while sleeping. So far the half tab isn't doing a darn thing. I want to duck my head in a bucket of cold water, but instead, every so often I stick my finger up my nose and just sit like that. It sure looks silly but it works ! ---for a short while at least :)

And then there's the sun, Mr.Golden Sun....not being a huge sun person, I don't mind gardening in it, being in the backyard with it, but you won't find me basking on a beach in it, sitting outside a restaurant in it ( unless there was a HUGE umbrella ) or building anything in it....except today.
We've taken down our old and rickety 'side' deck, the deck that's on the laundry room side of the house, and began building a new, longer and more private one ---in the full hot sun. Even took out my rarely worn 14 yr. old pair of purple shorts. They fit, just barely, had a nice muffin top but was hidden by a baggy pink tshirt.
So sawing and nailing we were ( my husband was sweating while I was sneezing, snuffling, walking around with eyes closed and jaw clenched to prevent more sneezing ) and a nice new deck was being born.
The back of my legs got burned. Of course, not one year can go by without some part of my body getting burned. For many years I'd always burn the tops of my feet with sandals on, leaving a lovely sandal imprint. My arms are victims too. But this is the first time the backs of my legs, the area behind my knees, got burned --real burned too, the kind that feels like someone is rubbing sand paper on them. Sigh.

At least the deck is looking pretty good :)

Oh and hey, it was FATHER'S DAY today too ! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL !!

My dear husband was treated to a couple of gift certificates and some funky fake fish bait from our son Christian and me.

Jacques ( my husband ) could have gone fishing too, but he wanted to do the deck and it was fun and, apart from the burn, kindof relaxing too.

Well my friends, I've got to go because I have to cut off my nose. Actually I'm going to rinse my face in cool water, get into the pjs and try not to breathe.

Ttfn :)


kecia said...

good to hear from you! i emailed you a few weeks ago, did you get it? anyway, i know, allergies suck! i actually don't take anything for them, as they allergy meds make me feel weird and funny (and that was 1/2 a tab....) recently though i got so bad i broke down and took a 1/4 of a tab. it helped a little and i didn't feel to freaky inside. the deck is gonna look great. love home improvements!