Don't feel like posting anything but I will anyway...

You ever have one of those days where you don't feel like doing aything but you end up doing a lot anyway ?
Today was one of those days.

This past week has been kinda weird, emotionally and psychologically. I'm thinkin it may have something to do with the moon, because whenever there's a full moon...I get more emotional, my thoughts become much deeper.

Then this morning I find out my birth-aunt Shaun had passed away. My day continued on but I felt this calmness envelope me. The tears came after the renovating dudes left, don't think they'd be too thrilled to see some teary-eyed, runny nosed woman.
Oops, that's not right of me to pass judgement, maybe they would have shown some sympathy. Oh well.

I was adopted when I was still a baby. About a month after my mom passed away, well, I think her and dad looked into my heart and saw my questions about my adoption. So shortly after my birthfather came into my life. Of course my parents will always be my parents and now my family has grown even bigger ( quite big actually ).

But now Aunt Shaun is gone. She was only in her early 50s and i truly think her and I would have had some really fun times. Damn cancer crap !
It was a real blessing to meet you, I am so thankful we were able to.

So, well, today, I got busy on my art room. I checked the net for Feng-Shuing an art room, didn't get much. Then I checked feng-shuing an office, much better results. My art desk was facing a wall and right against it, the rest of the room all behind me, entrance was in the back and to my left, window on my right. It just wasn't giving me any good vibes. I've now turned my desk so I have the wall behind me and the rest of the room in front of me, the window on my left and I don't have to lean back to look out. It feels so much better now, in fact it feels great. I've put some drawers on my right and my colorful art drawers on my left and slightly in back. Now I feel like I'm in a comfy open cubicle. There's also a small sitting area in front of the desk and to the left and a large storage cupboard to the right, giving some privacy when sitting in the chair. I think what I need to add is a small crystal above the door ( Chi hates crystals supposedly, Chi is supposedly bad so you don't want it coming into your space ).
I've also placed a table under the window and atop that is my moms beautiful silver serving platter. On top of that I've placed sparkly items, two jars full of my rhinestones and other glittery bits, a candle, etc...I hope this helps with good energy.
Next I'll be hanging my colorful pictures, taking down the ugly plastic vertical blinds and replacing with pink sheers, hanging my stars and maybe even string some white lights. I love a bit of ambience when creating at night, it helps to bring out the creativity even more.

So I'm guessing that's what I'll be doing tomorrow. It helps to keep me out of the renovators hair lol ! Oh, we're getting our bathrooms and downstairs reno'd. The contractors are awesome, but my husband and I enjoy talking with them a bit too much. Hey they are nice people and I secretly hope we can stay friends after the work is complete. That's my sentimental mushy side coming out. You can never have too many friends and they just have too many things we have in common, it would be a real shame to see it go to waste. To be even more honest, my husband and I don't have any couples as friends. Our last two couples have moved off the island :( We have our own individual friends but sometimes I miss having a couple come over and just have a good chinwag and/or tasty dinner. We've never had anyone come over to watch a movie or a game, I would love it because it would give me the chance to round up some grub, drag out the comfy blankets and just be able to hang out without having to dress up and spread on the face paint. Sigh. I've got to keep thinking positive, it will happen, it will happen, it will happen....

On that note, my dear hub and our son are playing some goofy game on the Wii, so I'm off to watch them.

Have a great night all ♥