Thanks for all your wonderfully 'charming' comments :)

Wasn't the International Charm Day FUN ?! And thank-you all for such wonderful comments, they really keep me inspired ( and you know we all need to keep that inspiration up there ! )

I'll be posting Carols charm prize later this week. I was hoping to get it out today but yesterday I made the mistake of drinking 2 cups of my husbands coffee early morning. Throughout the day I just was not feeling 'right', it felt like my insides were having a revolt to me drinking coffee ( I'm a huge tea drinker ) and there were several boxing matches going on in my stomach and bones. By the evening I was one boneless headachey and very tired person. Weird ! I just got dressed today around 2 p.m. but feel like taking a nap. Thank goodness the boxing match has ended but now I feel all creaky. Looks like I need to take in even more water and flush all the crap out.

Okay, so there's my health for you today :)

Once I'm back to bouncing around I will be listing more Charmblies in my shop ( using some of the charms you saw yesterday ) AND I've been thinking about listing photo art cards too.

I enjoy taking photos and creating collages and have seen many wonderful art cards on Etsy. I first need to figure the costs of printing my own, where to find good quality card stock ( maybe Michaels ? But I'm sure I could find similar somewhere else for less ) and envelopes. They will be blank, I don't want to get too complicated with these. How does a 5 pack of cards sound ? $10 a pack ?
No harm in trying right ? I've been changing my Etsy shop, getting rid of the large complicated items, you know the ones.....they take weeks to make and either never sell ( because your price isn't what the buyer wants to pay ) or they sell much less than what you'd like, or they only sell when they go on sale ! Too much stress thank-you very much. So I'm sticking with small items, things that have similar shipping costs, etc....and so far they've been so much fun !

Well I have to stop writing, going to take a nap ( not a nap taker ).

Oh, the photo above is an altered one of a beautiful path my family and I found just a short distance from our area. I call it 'Solitude'


Pat Winter said...

Tracey, You won a nest charm...address please?