Our Gear for Video Games Live tonight @ 8pm, woohoo !!

I am sooo excited !

Tonight I'm taking our son Christian and myself to see
Video Games Live !! It's a worldwide show where symphonies ( here it's our wonderful Victoria symphony ) perform music from the more popular video games of today and yesterday. Scenes from games play in the background, there are laser shows and sometimes even live performances from actors reenacting game scenes.

This is the kind of show where dressing up as your fav. video game character is 'the norm', but we won't be dressing as any characters. Instead, Christian made a computer collage of two of his fav. Resident Evil teams, which he then ironed onto a fresh black shirt, along with another Res. Evil image on the back. Looks really sharp !

I made myself a shirt too :) Instead of a scene from a game I just printed and ironed a wonderful raven and then placed 'Mechanical' above it ( actually I was going to put 'mechanical chicken' found from a 1950's Popular Mechanix magazine ( it was an egg vending machine they were talking about ), but then I wondered if people might mistake it for me being a chicken of mechanics, so just mechanical it was.
On the back is the wonderful 'rock,paper,scissors,lizard,Spock' diagram created from The Big Bang Theory --my most fav. show of all ! I am a big fan of Sheldon :)
It might be a bit of an odd shirt, but I like odd !

Here is my Resident Evil 2 necklace, just finished today. It's a shrinky dink pendant with red glass beading to look like blood droplets. Really loved making this, might make more for my shop.

Finally, Halo earrings !! Such a fun game. The real swarovski crystal drops give them a wee bit of elegance.

Well gotta go and get ready. We're heading to town around 6 so we can find a parking close to the theatre, don't want to be walking around town at night. Might grab a bubble tea and snack, there will probably be some fun stuff to do outside the theatre.
Woohoo !!


Carol said...

OMGOSH this sounds like fun. I'm not too much into video games, but my grandsons sure are. They would be into dressing the part for sure. I'm going to watch for a show like this to be somewhere near us. Sounds like a trip!!