Been away...

Hello hello hello ! Wow, been some time since posting. My husband, son and I took a wee vacation to see my husband's family in Montreal, then he dropped our son and I off to spend a week with my birthfather and his family in Ottawa.
Since returning ( last Sun 16th.) I've been slowly getting back into the swing of things. I was suppoesed to re-open my Etsy shop on Tuesday but, instead, I spent the day in a bit of a daze...pacing around, feeling 'closed in'. We got spoiled at my birth-sister's house with junky food and swimming pool. No pool at home :( AND I fell in love with some of her paintings, especially the one in our guest room. Now all I want to do is sell my parents 60's paintings and buy something big and wow ! Since coming home I've really noticed how tired I am of some of our furniture --from my parents house. Eventually we'll sell the giant dark wood china cabinet of my moms and find something modern, fresh. I'd love to find a long low glass cabinet with black glass top and silver highlights. My parents cherry wood dining table and chairs are quite nice, but I'm in love with those higher square tables that require the higher stool-like chairs. So what am I waiting for ? I guess right now it feels a bit overwhelming, all the leftover things that need to be done in the house. Spent a big chunk of $$ on renos, now I see all the little things that need to be changed. Oh well, one step at a time right ?
Since seeing my birthsisters Angela and Sunshine's homes, I'm finally ready to ditch the old and get on with living the way I want to live. Ever since I can remember I've grown up with lots of second hand stuff, not that there's anything wrong with it and I'm thankful for it, but now I'm tired of always pushing aside my wants and settling for the 'it's okay'. Time for fresh and lively !

Okay, ranted enough lol ! Look for new posts in the coming weeks.

Have a great day all :) xo ♥