No Fat No Calorie Cookies...and More ArT !

Who would have thought that you can bake double milk chocolate chip peanut butter cookies with no fat and no calories ???

Well you can't :P LoL ! I was pulling your leg. Maybe in the distant future we'll find a way to enjoy these sinful treats without worrying about the fat, etc....but 'we' better make sure it's healthy for us and not going to turn and bite us in the butt by gradually turning people polka dotted with glittery pee and hair growing out of our gums.

So, I did bake a big batch of double milk chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. I use the recipe on the back of the Chipits bag & then added about 2 cups of semi-melted peanut butter. In the oven @ 375 for 8-10 mins. First batch turned out a tad too soft but still melt in your mouth perfection, second batch was a little more firmer. Got milk !?

Terry, some of these are heading your way !!

Oh I was soooooo close to actually doing this !
Tada !
These are a special homemade little gift for someone special :)

And last night I felt the urge to paint. So I gessoed these 3 5x7 canvases....

And this is what I did with two of them....
They're not quite finished and the pics. don't show off the glittery bits. As you can see I tried a night/day thing with attention to the glow around the night scene ( dots of yellow glitter represent fireflies ) and wee birds, bright colors for the day scene ( with yellow glitter representing the sun ).
Not yet sure what name to give them.. maybe 'a glorious day & eve at the candy tree house'..?? Too long perhaps ? Anyway, I'll think of something and may list them too. Will need to find a couple of hanger things first.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the paintings! Especially the one with the black tree, it just POPS! Angela :)

Rainey said...

Fab Blog-Love it!