What I've been creating......

The Summer went so fast ! We had fun times, a great holiday with family, some wonderful blobby days too. Now it's back to a routine and back to getting more creations made for my Etsy shop ! --plus some goodies for friends/family and myself ;)

Speaking of family, Donna --my birthfather Terry's lovely wife, asked me to create a few of my Happy House on Candy Hill pieces. You might remember I had made a brooch which is now the image for my Etsy shop ( ravensmagiclantern ). Donna wants to give these pieces as gifts to nephews/nieces, only for display purposes.
This would be my first commision work ! Although it's been slow going, I now have more time to get these pieces made & look forward to showing them off to you once done.

Here you can see what I've done so far, a simple hill with water. Next will come the background, house, tree and 'candy' ( colorful puff balls )

I enjoy checking out the beautiful jewellery on Etsy and found that necklaces, earrings, rings & bracelets seem to be more popular than brooches. So now I'm on a mission to try to make 2-in-1 brooch-necklaces. I'm going to see what I can do with the 3 yet-to-be-listed brooches from my previous post, need to find me some decent inexpensive necklace chain first.
And now that my mind is on necklaces, I decided to try making a felt flower basket necklace.
Last week I purchased some pretty glass flower and leaf beads, swarovski crystals & new headpins, already seeing the outcome in my head.
Yesterday afternoon ( around noonish ) I started on the flower basket, it was fully completed 14 hrs. later, just after 2 a.m ! Was I ever tired this morning getting our son going for school.

Anywhoooo, let me know what you think of the finished treasure. Honestly, I keep looking at it & can't quite believe that it was me who made it. I'm normally not one to gush about the things I make, but I LOVE how this turned out ! And yes it was all done by hand.
The chain is constructed from two vintage necklaces and seems to wrok quite well.

Flower Basket necklace. Glass flower beads, glass leaves, felt flowers, sequins. All sewn securely onto handmade stitched felt basket. Vintage chain. Soon to be in my Etsy shop