Baking Goodness !

LoL ! Baking goodness ! Yup, because it's the holiday season I believe any baking done for home/friends/family/get togethers/parties is all 'no fat no calories' woohoo ! Hey, I can dream right ? :D

To tell you the truth, my pants suddenly felt tighter 2 days ago, boo-hoo :( Oh well, I'll lose it in the new year ( and yes this time I finally mean it. After losing 20 lbs. early 2008, my dear mom passed & I gained it all back plus a few pounds more. Now after over a year, my body has begun to shout at me & I'm ready to respond ). Blaming it on the cheese cookies and fudge ( my head is disappearing into my shoulders )

So I thought I'd show off a few Christmas goody pics:

In the first two pics. are the beginnings of McLaren cheese cookies and party mints patties. Last pic. shows our son mixing  cream cheese with crumbled cherry chip cake to make chocolate dipped cherry chip cake balls:

Here I am adding the food colourings to the party mint 'dough', what a shade of blue ! And those cake balls were fun to dip too !

A diabetics nightmare ! Not for the faint of heart --the beginnings of chocolate fudge using my two fav. ingredients: sweetened condensed milk & milk choc. chips !

Here are the party mints, just need to sit for a day so the wonderful mint flavoring soaks in

And voila ! A wee plate of very tasty treats ( choc. covered cherry chip cake balls, party mint patties, McLarens cheese cookies and a batch of peanut butter milk choc. chip cookies, with a few wrapped Peppermint Patty candies too. The fudge was firming up in the freezer --didn't last long ! )

Throwing in a shot of the upstairs bathroom decor. The candle centrepiece belonged to my parents, not sure if it's mercury glass but it is vintage kitschy loveliness

Finally a shot from last week when we received a wee dumping of snow. I took this without the flash, looking out our front window. There's just something about holiday lights glowing on the snow, takes me back to when I was a child. How about you ?