To go all out or not this year ?

So I finally hauled up the Christmas boxes the other day, it reminded me that I have to get back to exercising ! You miss a few months and wow does the body turn lazy, huffin and a puffin up those stairs. So needless to say I'm now doing my stretches and situps again and will begin the aerobics stuff prob. on Thursday.

Those boxes are chock a block full of Christmas goodies, quite a few from 'the past' oooooohhhhhh ahhhhhh. I've held onto many of the treasures my parents bought before I came along in 1967: 3 musical hanging golden bells, music boxes, stockings, ornaments, etc...AND for the last 5-7 years I always ask myself "why", "why do I keep decorating the SAME way every year with all the SAME stuff ?!"  It's a bit odd, I'd rather live in an uncluttered Japanese-style and/or high tech house with just a few choice treasures. When I unload the Christmas boxes, I end up taking out everything and making displays out of it. The vintage colours and glitter bring out the child in me, but the rest of me feels that 'uncomfortableness' lurking in the back...I want to take away an item or two, clean up the areas, leave just one or two treasures. But it never happens and I leave it. Our son and my husband like it but it's not 'that important' to them. So if it's nice to have but bugs me, why do I still do it ? Have to give that question a good think.
So this year I'm going to try and see if I can leave some of the old stuff in the boxes. Oh we'll decorate the tree with some of the vintage treasures and I think I'm going to bling up the living room window too, maybe add some strings of lights around the living room or string one around the kitchen window so people in back can see the Christmas cheer. And I'd like to wrap soomething around the railing....Well I'm feeling better all ready, thanks little blog for letting me vent lol ! :D

ANYway, I'll post a pic. or two of what's inside the boxes and then a shot of the final decorating. Just have to get off my balloons and get crack-a-lackin, tomorrow for sure !