Flowers, Teapot & Sewing Machine Oh My !

It's been 2 years since my mom passed and I'm finally doing something about the 8 remaining moving boxes under our stairs. They are full of my parents smaller items and I am finally ready to start going through them & list the non-sentimental treasures in my Etsy shop.
The listing has already begun, so, for awhile, I won't be creating any altered art. In fact, if I keep listing vintage then my shop may just stay with vintage...I may end up opening another Etsy shop strictly for my art ! We shall see.

The weather here has been so nice and it is definately looking & feeling like Spring woohoo !

I stepped out onto our sundeck the other day and was pleasantly surprised at the site of seeing one of my moms planters coming back to life. I really thought her Lilies of the Valley had kicked the bucket, but there they were sprouting tall and proud. And to see two sweet lavendar violets growing along with them...well, my heart wanted to cry, I could see my mom puttering about her own sundeck, fretting and fussing over her big collection of plants.
The scent of those lilies will be so lovely, I moved the planter to a spot where I can see them from our dining room doors and always see mom puttering about :)

This fabulous teapot was a gift from my birthmom Judy :) My previous teapot was moms, nothing old, no stories to tell about it, just a simple pot with pastel flowers but it did the trick. But this new teapot is more up my alley, it's so full of life ! So what will I do with the other teapot ? Don't know yet, will keep it for now and let myself 'brew' on it until an answer comes.

Teapot by the amazing Romero Britto showing his New Day pattern. I bought the same patterned mug last year. This pot came from the same store too: Dragonhorse in Sidney B.C.

Brand new sewing machine ! A gift from my birthdad Terry & his happy wife Donna :) For a short while my birthsister Angela & I were trying to figure out a way to warm our toes without having to wear slippers or socks. So off I went and came up with my own idea of creating a little bean bag pouch bag you slip over your toes, it would stay on with a soft elastic around the ankle. The bean bag part was just on top of the toes and could be microwaved. Unfortunately, the bag just could not warm the ends of the toes, the main area that needed it most ! We wanted something you could walk around in AND sleep in while feeling like your feet were naked --that worked out well, but keeping toes warm..not so well. Oh well ! --back to the sewing machine :) I had to sew by hand because my moms old machine, well the large rubber band that got the rollers rolling...broke :P I don't know how old moms machine is but it's one of those super heavy black & gold Singer machines that comes in it's own table and you work it by using the knee lever. Quite a good machine actually. But now that I was given this fancier new & portable machine, well, like the teapot, I'm going to have to think about where it's going. Unlike the teapot, this machine does have memories of mom making bright orange curtains for their sundeck in the 70's...hmmm, funny, that's really the only memory I have. There are others so why this one memory really sticks out, I just don't know. Now the machine doesn't seem as important anymore. That's a good thing, will make getting rid of it that much easier. No it won't go in the dump (!), I'm thinking either UsedVictoria or Victoria Freecycle.
Anywhooo, really looking forward to using this new machine, still in the box for now until I can find a good place to store it

Thank-you Judy, Terry and Donna for the wonderful and very useful gifts ! --and the new memories ♥


Nora Grace said...

Happy birthday, Tracy! Glad you got lovelies for your special day. I LOVE that teapot! Have fun using them both.