New Art Pendant Listings

 My latest wearable art creations now incorporate both sides of the children's vintage game tiles I've been using for my last art pendants ( which have just one side painted while the back is left 'as is' ).
With these latest pendants you get twice the art, one side has a hand drawn or hand painted image, the other shows off a collage using vintage paper bits.

It's good to get back into my art again, the Summer was rather distracting --not that I minded of course ! So my goal is to create something every other day. Goodness, I will try my best ! It seems every few months I go off somewhere and let my art and Etsy shop slide. How will people get to see what I do if I don't stick it out & keep creating & listing grrrrr ! So onward I go with a smile in my heart and a dance in my step :)

Here's the reversible pendants, two so far. I hope you like them:

Left is 'Train Spotting', hand drawn steam train image using pencils and marker. Right is 'Lush', hand drawn flowers using pencils, markers and shiny black 3d paint.

'Train Spotting' collage uses a train image from a 1943 National Geographic magazine, numbers from a 1960's math workbook, 'train' from a 70's dictionary, backed with tissue & underneath that is a criss cross pattern from magazine. The 'Lush' collage shows a vintage greeting card rose, 'flower' is also from vintage dictionary, backed with pink handmade paper, fan image from vintage Victoria magazine and a slice of glittered paper.

Pendants arrive with attached large jump ring and slip knot black ribbon so you can wear it right away.
Original art, not prints. I've several of these 2x2 wood tiles left, can't wait to see what my brain conjures up next :)


Frank Zweegers said...

Beautiful pieces!

LDF said...

Nice pendants! These are very popular up here at craft fairs and the Farmer's market.