I fell for it....

Hi all ! Well I don't know what I'm doing. It's very late, and I really need to be in bed, and being on another blog site is the last thing I need ! But after reading and enjoying so many other altered artist's blogspot blogs ( and the lovely templates too ), I figured, why not also join up. So here I am but who knows how often I'll be here. My main blog, for the time being, is on Yahoo360 :


I also love to create altered art which ranges from romantic to whimsical to 'really out there'. It is then proudly listed on Etsy, a terrific, great, awesome place for handmade goodies. Please pop by my shop ( ravensmagiclantern ) and, if you like it, go ahead and heart me and tell all your friends about my treasures and treats ! ( hey, any way to promote right ? ). I always try to list something each week, depending on what it is I'm creating:


Oh, how could I forget, gasp ! ~~VariaZioNE~~ ( or ZNE for short ) is something you really should check out, if you're into altered art and other fun stuff. I'm one of their many members and love the plethora of everything there. Have fun ;)

So there you go for now. My plate is pretty full with family, friends, creating, listing, promoting, blogging on one blog and now another. I will try to get here as often as possible.

Take care all :)