Birth of my business card:

An image of my 'business card'. I thought and thought about it, should it have a minimalistic look, maybe subtly Asian...?? My conclusion: make it to represent my love of colors, whimsy, fantasy and fun. The banner was hand created with various papers and own printing. The crow/raven was copied and slightly altered from an original small art piece, to which I attached a computer altered lantern. I then scanned the collage and finished altering it on the computer. The 'chains' around the words were a wonderful surprise, something I hadn't even been going for. They are computer stamps that, when downsized, gave the look of chains ---which I use a lot of in my art. The stars and swirls represent fantasy and joy ( including the lantern ). Ravens and crows are my fav. birds ( can be quite whimsical and stay mates for life ). I'm quite pleased with how it all came together and look forward to sharing these cards with others.



Your cards are fabulous!

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Your opening picture is absolutely charming and sets the mood for the rest of your blog. Very, very nice!