A new banner for my shop

Summer is keeping me busy and away from arting :P But that's okay, I'll have lots more time to create in the next few weeks.

So tonight I decided to try for a new banner. It seems quite a few Etsy folks are changing theirs so I figured "why not give it a shot too". Wow, did it take longer than thought to make, but the reason is probably because I'm a trial and error kinda gal, I would rather try hands on than read the instructions. The banner was created using Microsoft Picture It ! Library 10 and Microsoft Picture It ! Premium 10. I found lots of extras i didn't know were there ! Sooo, what do you think ? I think I like it but I can't shake the feeling it needs something more.

This is what it used to look like: Quite the difference. Hmmm, maybe the new one needs a flower here and there ? Anyway, I'm too pooped to do anymore, it is after 3 a.m., gotta catch those 8 hours :)