Another new banner I finally LOVE !

Guess what ? That new banner I made for my Etsy shop....is no longer. I went to add a bit more personality to it, took a break and decided to fiddle around with making another one and I LOVE my new banner !!! Here it is:

I do believe I've finally made a banner that will stay for a long time yay :) It represents what I've been trying to represent for a long time, the type of art I create. There's whimsy, romance, shabby, floral, fantasy, all the things I use in my art. Just love it ( and although I don't normally toot my own horn, I'm tooting it now ). Creating this banner also made me wonder if I could do some for Etsy sellers. Of course I'd first have to figure out what all needs to be done, how they are emailed etc...whether it will actually come to fruition is another thing entirely ;)

Anyway, the only one thing I may change about the banner is the font. It's lacking something, it needs more 'oomph' so I'm going to try to find something with a circus look and see how it turns out.

Have a great evening all !


kecia said...

love the new banner!

Copperheart said...

I like your new banner a lot. It's old fashioned and romantic, but not too cutesy.

Tracy said...

Thanks so much :) Took me awhile to get all the components figured out and arranged but it was worth it.