Ready to go, etc...

Today was lazy day, but I got two small 'Etsy goodies' packages ready to send and I'm here typing away.

Blogging is fun but trying to find a template is a pain. As much as I like pink, this has too much of it. I'm so used to the 'old' html so trying to put a background in has proven a little more frustrating than the old html of (background image="") . Ah well, just need some time. So if you return and see yet another template, etc...you'll know I'm goofing around and trying to find a happy medium :)

As for my altered art, what is new ???

Well let's see:

--sometime this week I'm listing a bedspring dolly ! My first attempt at this and it's been sooo fun ! Would love to make more but locating bedsprings is not that easy ( unless you've the time to destruct an actual bed --which I'm too lazy to do so there :P ). This particular dolly loves time and stars. I'll post a pic. of her soon.

--a bracelet is being worked on, also to do with stars. I'm hoping what i see in my minds eye will come to fruition --lots of danglies !

--fairy wand ! Ooooohhhh, something with lots of fairy inspiring goodies. Have yet to begin but the finished image is in my head.