Soldering, Serene Beauties and a Precious Life

Yay ! It's about time I try my hand at soldering again. My first attempt was using silver tape which did nothing for the solder, it just kept rolling off :( I finally bought some copper tape and today made my very first soldered pendant woohoo !

The image comes from Art Chix Studio and is one of their Fairy Post Stickers. Stuck onto one piece of Memory Glass, I then used special paints dabbed around the image and then glitter sprinkled onto the gel gloss I used on the paints. Other mem. glass piece put on top and then edged with the copper tape.

The soldering was fun, even though it took several attempts at trying to smooth it out ( should have seen the big lumpies at the start lol ! ). The most frustrating part was attaching the jump ring, even with one of those 3rd. hand tools ( it holds your work for you ). I had to keep the jump ring upright with my pliers and then try to get solder onto it without it dripping off. As you can see the whole thing is on the lumpy side , and the ring is a little lopsided---but I LOVE it !! I can now understand the addiction this causes because I'm ready to keep practicing.

My goal is to try my hand at those little glass cubes filled with fun elements ( seen in one of my fav. books Pretty Little Things )


On Etsy today I listed a lovely art tag called Serene Beauties. This is something that would look quite beautiful among roses.

And finally, I'm going to donate the proceeds of one of my listed items to http://www.beheartstrings.com/

The lovely lady who runs this lost her daughter ( and only child ) to a tragic accident this year.

Copied from the site:

Because Brynnie was such a creative soul, her Mom Elaine only thought it appropriate to create a fund in which others with talent such as Brynn's could benefit. Thus, the
The First Recipient of the Brynn Proctor Suddes Memorial Bursary is JULIA CLAPP. She will be taking Fashion Design at Kwantlen College starting September 2007.
We wish her a bright and shiny future!
This fund is created to allow an annual bursary to a student involved and excelling in either Fashion Design, Journalism or the Arts.
The award will be granted annually to a student of the High School Brynn would have attended being Elphinstone Senior Secondary Gibsons, B.C.

The item I'm offering is my Memory of You painting: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6042551

I haven't changed the listing info. yet as I'm awaiting instructions from Elaine.

Life is so precious and short.


kecia said...

hey there! sorry i haven't been by in awhile - just a little busy! getting ready for a show sept. 1st and then just got back from boston. did you find any classes? i know the altered diva - karyn, goes to Vancouver i believe..... anyway, good for you to try soldering again! good job. jump rings are tough. the more you do though, the easier they get! i made 25 recently for some surf charms to go in my brother-in-laws surf shop. that was fun!

Healing Expressions said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! This tag is absolutely stunning and such a wonderful cause for Brynn. Such a reminder to take life one moment at a time and savor each one!