Tea, tea and....more tea !

Would you like a cup of tea ?

So, which flavor would you like ? Chai, peppermint,green,Earl Grey, lavender...?? LOL ! You think I have enough or should I buy more ? Yes, this is my 'collection' of teas ! Too many to list, so many flavors ! The most popular one i drink is called 'Double Spice Chai' by Stash. I make mine with 1/4 water and the rest milk with about 1 tblspn. sugar ( mine has to be sweet ). Earl Grey is another favorite and I drink that one without sugar.
My 3 fav. drinking vessels are in front, the fun red mug would be my most used mug, it comes from a Tea Party collection created by ~Joyce Shelton ~, go check out her wonderful items.

Last night I made a lovely cup of Peppermint tea by Celestial Seasonings. Instead of the usual water, I filled the mug with heated milk and some sugar. Oh boy, it was so delicious ! It reminded me of melted mints yum-yum :)

My latest purchase is Red Lavender, what a lush odor and to taste the lavender is a delight. The bags come in a pretty cylinderical pink tin with a golden lid.

Come and have a cup with me ?

Links to some of the teas I have in my collection:

~Special Teas Inc. ( shop located here in Victoria B.C. ):
~Zhena's Gypsy Tea ( Red Lavender ):
~Celestial Seasonings:
~Stash Tea:

Enjoy ! :)


Lily Pepper said...

What a wonderful selection! I would love a cup. I am just stopping by to let you know you have been tagged. Just bring my cup of tea over to my blog http://www.lilypepperprimitives.blogspot.com and you can check out the details.