What I'm doing UPDATED for Aug.11:

Here's another look at her. She's slowly coming together, much more to go but I first have to wait until it all dries before attaching, grrrr. Elements used so far: stars, more stars, tin star bits from a candle holder, watch bits.

I've put myself on holiday from Etsy and I'm making myself work on some new art projects, etc...

So far I've made up a couple of 'destash' packages --so many bits and baubles, I figured it would be nice to share some and put them in some reusable boxes too ( to use as shrines, frames, whatever strikes the buyers fancy ). I've another atc card and a sweet whimsical picture telling us not to be so serious ( ! ). Above is another project I've just started, using a rusty old spring I found off a local beach. The doll is vintage plastic Made in Hong Kong and has the closing eyes. She's going to be adorned with lots of goodies. You'll have to wait for the after photo in a few days. And yes that is my messy desk lol !


kecia said...

oh, she is too cute!