Yay ! I'm one of 16 Fairie Zine Artists of the Week !!

A bit of boasting today:

What a delight to find an email from Lisa Kettell ( awesome artist, owner of the Flickr Faerie Zine and thefaeriezineblogspot.com ) saying I'm an 'artist of the week' along with other fantabulous fairie artists, woohoo !

My picture is the bedspring dolly holding a watch face, #11. What a thrill ! See below for names of artists and their creations and then go check them out ! ---now off to work on my Christmas swap presents :)

This Week Mon. Aug 27, 2007: Top 16 artist of the week:

Please View The Works of These Amazing Artists! Thank You! Lisa!

1.Rietvanpiet 2. GoddessOfHellFire 3. ATheeC-M 4. Brie-Marie 5.Cassandra204 6.Little Melfie 7.Carambatack 8.Cookala 9. Tootieu10. Micisip 11. RavensMagicLantern 12. Katjamillam 13.TraSEALee14. JudyScott 15. Ms Mod 16. FaerieWindow

1. "Not Quit Married", 2. ~*Nestor*~, 3. Butterfly Boy - traded, 4. Untamed summer fae, 5. Gardian Angel (metal), 6. A jar fairy made for Rosanna!, 7. Illustration- Mermaid, 8. Faerie Magic, 9. Witch Emily ATC, 10. bliss, 11. Princess of Time and Stars, 12. Bud, 13. Try It Tuesdays : week 1: another variation, 14. chic and shabby angel, 15. Dollface, 16. batty1


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