Another 'soon to be seen on Etsy' goody...

Another busy week. Getting school gear ready, family visiting from Montreal, etc...just not enough time ALONE to get some art made. Bros. and sis. in-law leave on Monday and then school begins Tues. I will have a couple of hours to work on Wednesday and then, hopefully, back to a regular art routine.

Here's a pic. of one new creation I call the 'Love is the Key' bracelet. A few minutes here and there and I was able to get this started. It's almost done, just a few more goodies to attach and then solder some jump rings and we're ready to list on Etsy.

I've also got several Science magazines my father had collected back in the 1950s and 60s and may use some of the images as pendants ( or may make copies )

Lots of ideas, just need the time to do them ! ---so off I go from here and back to the studio ( husband took bros. and sis. in-law fishing and our son is at a friends until 5, better get cracking ! )