Avatar avatar who's got the avatar ?

Finally, an avatar I'm sticking with !

This pretty lady was a photo i took of my 'almost vintage' Pot of Gold chocolate tin. Trying to find an image that would give an idea of what I sold had been rather frustrating ! I've had several avatars since beginning Etsy, from image of cemetary angel with crows flying around her, to a pink bird, to roses, to one of my pendants...all never satisfying. But now, FINALLY, the 3rd. avatar is my fav.

The choc. tin image was computer altered. Second pic. is another avatar I like but felt the frame was a bit too 'noisy', so I ended up putting a quiet little heart behind it. You might say it's a subtle way of telling the shopper 'I really LOVE what I create'. Ooooh, I just noticed how the bottom of the heart looks like her dress is hanging over the edge :)

Hope you like it too :)


jthom03 / Jan Thomason / thomranch@hctc.net said...

Very sweet - I love the way the heart makes it look like the fairy's dress is hanging down!