Artful Christmas Swap goodies are ready to roll.....

Yay ! I've now completed my little treasures for the Artful Christmas Swap and they're all wrapped and ready to be packaged and sent off to Holly the hostess :)

I will admit it is a relief to have them done but it's been great fun creating these goodies and I am so excited when the official swap package arrives, makes me wiggly in my seat hee-hee ! ---I could go for another piece of cherry-lemon cake but alas, it's all gone and all that's left is another pound on my hips lol !

Now that the swap goodies are done I can focus on creating a button bracelet for a Freecycle friend, so off I go :)


arlee said...

Lovely packaging--they look good enough to eat!
SO nice to find another artful type in Saanichton!!! I was beginning to think it's a vast howling wasteland :}