'A few of my favorite things....'

Ooooh I am stuffed, and that was over 3 hours ago ! Our son is having a friend sleepover tonight so I made them a big batch of nachos with lots of cheese ! They just had the chips with cheese but mine had olives,green onion and tomatos yum, with salsa too :) Unfortunately this is the type of food I regret eating afterward ---because I always eat too much ! About a half hour later we got ready to go swimming ( they swam while i sat and read--Stephen King's Everything's Eventual-- ), tying my shoe laces was almost painful :P Thank goodness for the hour and half of swimming, I just sat, read and every so often laughed at our son and his friend.

So now here i sit in my comfy pjs, typing away to you :) Above are a couple of pics. of another soon to be listed Etsy goody. I call it a window dangler and named it 'A Few of My Favorite Things'. It was created early last year but I liked it too much to list, but now I feel like changing some things around and thought it would make another one of my neat Etsy shop goodies.
The dangler's elements range from various stars to vintage buttons, vintage necklace sections and even a vintage tin angel from one of those Christmas candle decorations ( heat from candle moves angel around and it dings a bell ). The focal piece is a lovely chunk of broken china found on a nearby local beach ( where an old farm once stood on the cliff ). Embellished with black raised paint, a golden butterfly, red vintage ( maybe bakelite ) flower and a message that reads 'Thy comforts delight my soul'. Dainty bells softly chime and there's a few chandelier crystals adorned with lovely shiny beadwork. Finished off with various fibers in shades to match the china and elements.
A delightful treasure to hang in your window or by a door, it catches the light wonderfully too.

So keep your eyes on my wee shop in the next few days ! :)