Sneak peek at my Christmas Swap goodies....

Ha ha ! You didn't really think I'd actually show what I was creating did you ? I morphed the pic. of my little treasures so you can't make out what they are.

These are for The Artful Christmas Swap ( check my links ), my first swap ever and quite fun ! I'm just about finished, got my envelopes painted, a few more small details and they should be mailed off by next week woohoo !

My next project is a button bracelet I'm making for a lovely lady who gave me all these fantastic buttons !! There's some true vintage ones here, crystal, mother of pearl, etc...really lovely. They came from her aunt and grandmother and she'd love a little something to remember them by.

So how did I come into possession of these treasures ? The Victoria Freecycle ! The Freecycle is a place where you can find groups from all around the world, people who offer free items or are looking for items.

I was looking for junky jewelry necklaces to use in my art ( break them up, use the links, etc...) and I heard from this lady. She had a big bag full of other goodies too. I was so excited ! And now that she knows what I create, she has said she'd contact me if there's more ( ! woohoo ! ). Her reason for giving away these goodies, she wanted someone who would use them. THANK-YOU Diana for your generosity, they will be lovingly used.

Now I'm hungry and going to indulge in a Black Forest Streusal and some Earl Grey tea yum yum :)

Oh don't forget to type Freecycle in your search bar, you should then be able to find the area closest to you that participates. You can ask for just about anything ( can't guarantee you'll always get responses --people asking for video game systems/digital cameras/car cd players etc...don't normal get responded too ). Most people post basic items like mattresses, desks, older stuff but every now and again something really good will come up. I usually post for junky jewelry and sometimes papers for collage. Good luck !