Anyone for Shabby Romantic and a little Whimsy too ?

My latest creation for Etsy, called Birdie in the Garden and uses an altered soldered domino as the base. There's vintage goodies like buttons and chandelier crystal, various bits of paper ( bought a wonderful piece of this brilliant blue which has an almost holographic effect, so pretty ), glass beads, chain, ribbon roses, blue wiring, glitter and of course a wee birdie with her little tiara ( half of an unused hairclip ! ).

I really enjoy creating these wearable art pieces but am being torn between making more bedspring dollies or more necklaces. Only so much space in the art room you know and the ol brain has art overload moments ( don't like those because then I get mentally tired and just want to spend the day on the computer ).
Now watch...I'll go and make something that has nothing to do with bedsprings or jewelry lol !


Dragonlady said...

That is so adorable...very pretty....

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Tracy thank you for commenting on my blog I hope you do start to draw :-) Your blog is always so cheerful, whimsical and bright! Its a pleasure to visit :-)