Well today I've posted a few pics. on my Flickr ( right of blog, scroll down ). Here is a pic. of some of the lovely items I've found in thrift shops. I love pretty saucers and plan to use a few, if not all, in my altered art somehow. The screen looks wonderful as is but I'd like to transform it into something 'fantasy-based' with faeries, flowers, glitter and lots of pink ! As for the blue vase, well I just loooove that color of blue and even though I'm not a huge fan of yellow ( though I do like a soft buttery yellow ), these roses really compliment the blue very nice :) I may or may not list the vase on Etsy. If I do then I'l probably wrap the neck of it with something beaded and pretty.

The picture of myself is for a Flickr group I joined a few days ago called: 52 Weeks of Weight Loss . It is a little uncomfortable posting these pics. of me, especially in a form fitting tshirt ( I'm usually in baggy clothes ) BUT this will be my outfit each time I weigh in and phtograph my weight loss. What a shock to reach 200 lbs ! ---and I've been noticing subtle changes in how I'm feeling too: I'm not the kind to get headaches but lately I've been feeling what I call 'tension headaches', my body definately feels heavier so running makes me feel like I'm carrying a full backpack, aches in areas where I've never had aches, moodiness, cry a lot more, etc....I am sick of feeling like this and finally ready to get my butt moving again.
So if you'd like to cheer me on then by all means come on over and do it :) If you'd like to join this weightloss challenge then go ahead and I'll be there to support you :)
Just to let you know, right now I'm feeling like there's a cold heading my way so I may not start the challenge until the cold is gone.

Now off to make dinner !


Ann said...

Best of luck on your weight-loss!! I myself was at almost 200lb and lost 40lb!! How exciting for you! Best of luck! (Hope you are feeling better!)

kecia said...

wow, good luck with your new regime. i'm glad you posted pictures of yourself on your blog - great way to start your program! very brave of you knowing how self conscious you feel!
on another note, love the lovely delicate dishes you found.