It's a beautiful Blech day !

Today I'm labelling as Blech day ! My dear husband came home on friday sniffling,snorfling and sneezing --so of course i stayed away from him. Alas, today I am now doing the same except, thankfully, I'm not sneezing or snorfling as much as he did.
So here I am sitting in my big blue comfy robe with freshly washed hair, feeling like I could eat a ton of chocolate but that won't happen, unless I enjoy plugging up even more and not able to breathe without looking like that Napolean Dynamite guy ( always had his mouth open ) lol !!

Instead I took a few random pics. around the house. A couple show a small part of our backyard, looking out the master bedroom. To the left is what i call our 'Little House on the Prairie shed with a bench along one side. On the right is more garden with blueberry bushes, sunflowers, mini roses and a huge fuschia bush. It's rather grey outside and windy but I love the wind, sitting in bed at night listening to the wild rustling of the trees, it's very comforting especially when you're all wrapped up in a thick feather duvet.
The other pic. shows some decorations on our master bath wall. I love this cherub but don't remember where it came from, had it over 20 yrs. Several times I've thought of painting it to look more lifelike, but sometimes simple colors can be more effective than too many. The picture hanging below is actually a birthday greeting one of my aunts gave me about 22 yrs. ago. I created a construction paper mat which I sponged with an almost brick red paint and rich gold, then added glitter and framed it all. It's lasted all that time ! Some people think this kind of simply made decoration would fade --it definately would if put in the sunlight, but this picture has always been in a bathroom away from the windows.

So there you go, no arting today, don't want to be spreading any germs to my work. Our son and I were supposed to be going to a school meeting tonight ( about a certain subject the grades 6-8s talk about ) but this itchy nose and sneezing will not do. At least his guitar lesson today doesn't require me to make an appearance.

Off to drink more water !


Lola Enchanted said...

Simply wonderful!!~