More treasures to alter for Etsy !

Feeling much better today yay ! My sinuses still feel stuffy and there's a slight tension on the sides of my head but overall doing quite well. It really helps taking a long hot shower, you can feel the cold draining away.

Okay, so here's a pic. showing more upcoming Etsy treasures. The box on the left was something I've had for sometime, covered with butterfly and floral stickers galore, I'm already removing unwanted bits and pieces and will transform into another of my decadent boxes. May even include an atc or aceo to go with the box ?

The other box was a thrift shop find. It's a lovely vintage silver metal box and has the same design as my mothers vanity items. This will also be treated to some grand decorating and I may add yet another atc or aceo. Hmmmm, starting to see a trend happening.

Off to get more water again :)


kecia said...

my sinuses are finally settling down a little too. enough with the sneezing. i'm mean really, how much snot can one nose hold! lol.

i enjoyed your slide show!