Hello !

Just popping in to say Hi :) I'm still recovering from this lovely cough I've had since just before Christmas. It feels like it's travelled from throat to chest to stomach because today I've been feeling kinda sickish. Once it's gone I don't plan on having it come back !!! ---stress does not do well with me and I had several things bug me in the past few months ( my own fault ).
Anyway, I plan on shopping for Christmas goodies sometime in August or September instead of mid-December.

So our son Christian will be 12 tomorrow woohoo !! He wants to see Alvin and the Chipmunks and then we're taking him to Mr.Tubbs Ice Cream Parlor to pick out his choice of ice cream cakes ---they make the best and any flavor !
He usually has a birthday party about a month later. It's never bugged him to have to wait a couple of weeks and it makes January feel less 'dull' too. So he's inviting a bunch of his friends and we'll all be heading to Laser City for a few good laser tag games and then cake and gifts woohoo !
I love seeing our son grow and change, it still feels a littls sad but I don't dwell on it. We have so many more laughs and goofy moments nowadays and we love the conversations we have with him. So far, he wants to be either a zookeeper or one of those 'deconstruction dudes' ---the guy who gets to take down buildings with sledgehammers and wrecking balls. Either one will probably mean him having to move off Vancouver Island ( unless he wants to take over a petting zoo lol ! ) --which we won't stop him. My mom had a way of keeping me around and I do have some resentment. I don't plan on doing that to our son. All children have a right to a good life. Parents do not own the children they're given !
Anyhooo, I can see him doing the decontruction thing more than owning a zoo lol ! He loves going into our romm and pretending to fight 'bad guys' and he loves being able to use a hammer and taking apart things ( he had a heyday when we got him to take apart his old bed last year ). When I got him to smash the spoons I used for my Smashed Bookmarks, well, he was in heaven :) ---maybe I should look into getting him a weightlifitng pass ?

Must pop off now. If I'm don't write again before new years then: