Merry Christmas everyone !

I've a few minutes to post a few pics.

We chose to open our gifts on Christmas Eve this year. My husband is from Montreal Quebec and his family used to do the Christmas eve thing, the giant midnight buffet, sledding at night, etc...So I set up some plates of food and we nibbled while we unwrapped :)
Here's our son Christian being silly over a bottle of shampoo. We gave him an Ipod Shuffle, his very first MP3 player. He couldn't believe how small it was but he was very thrilled ( along with a Decepticon Transformer, various dvds and music and a bunch of those neat 'Cubeworld' cube toys ).
On Christmas day we had a nice sleep in and then headed down to my moms. Usually we bring her back to our home but this year we thought she would enjoy having Christmas there. The last time she had Christmas at her home was 6 yrs. ago.
Here's a pic of my mom wearing one of her birthday gifts from me: the pink Rose Bouquet necklace I had on Etsy. My mom has always looked nice in pink and prefers pink roses. Another pic of mom and me. I've taken it upon myself to make sure mom has a nice birthday on Christmas day. She was the 2nd. oldest of 11 kids (!) and much of her childhood was spent caring for the younger ones. They didn't have much of a Christmas and several times her birthday would be pushed aside. Just imagine what it was like in a little village in England back in the 1920s and 30s with 11 kids. At least mom grew up around farmlands and lovely big fields. But now here she is, my dear dad passed away 10 yrs. ago, many of her siblings have passed on too, she hardly ever hears from any of the cousins and whoever else is 'leftover' in England. So I always make sure she has a real birthday cake and several gifts. Her other 2 gifts were a beautiful purple rhinestones necklace I splurged on in, of all places, a thrift shop ! And a wonderful big mug by Joyce Shelton. It's from her Tea Party line and can hold almost 2 cups of tea and will help to keep my moms chilly hands nice and toasty.
My mom turned 89 Christmas day. It's a little uncomfortable seeing my mom in these photos, it's almost like I'm looking into a dream. Her and I both know that it's now one day at a time. She is and always has been a very independant woman and I'm finding it heart wrenching watching her really slow down. Is it because I'm only 40 and still have all this life ( hopefully ) ? Anyway, I'm so thankful for my mom, even though we've had some negative times, I'm thankful to be here to be able to help her. I won't go on as it's making me feel all weepy.

The last pic. was taken today Boxing Day, there's my dear husband playing with his new toy: a flying dragonfly ! It's really quite neat, makes a buzzing sound and can even be flown inside.

As for myself, I was the happy host of one of those throat coughs, the kind that keeps you awake because it has to remind you of its presence every 5 minutes ack ! But I was able to ignore it for Christmas ( well, not let it get to me let's just say that ) and was very happy that it was only a cough and not a cold ---meaning, I could taste and smell yippee :) So the traditional turkey dinner was sooooo good !!

...and speaking of turkey, I'm off to make a sandwich with all the fixins. I'm home alone right now because we were all supposed to have another turkey dinner at one of our friends, so I sent Jacques and Christian off. I wish i was there but don't want to spread any germs.

Next Christmas I'm doing it all EARLY !!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and other holiday :)