More Artful Christmas Swap gifts, and a tree...

Here's a montage of the latest Christmas Swap goodies, I love every one of them !!! ( hopefully you can blow up the pic. to read who made the gifts )

And here's our tree :) Of course it looks much better with all the lights on. Our son was eager to help with the decorating, he did just a little over half of the tree. I let him at it and the only thing I adjusted ( just a little bit ) was the garland. Yeh we could probably use another garland but I think it's fine the way it is :) There's plenty of my parents vintage ornaments: glass bells and balls ( Shinybrites ), some of my own decorated ball ornaments ( my first craft show was a table of these balls, back in the mid 90s ), some modernish items, a few made by Christian and the rather uglyish vintage angel ( parents stash again ). I'm really not that fond of this angel and one day we'll get something newer and probably traditional ( star or angel, not sure ). But for now it will do and adds a touch of subtle whimsy :)
Alas I accidentally used the tree skirt as the base for one of my displays, so now I have to dig around in the closets for something pretty.
Maybe I'll try to take a pic. with the lights on.

Oooh Christmas is getting closer oooohhh !


Dawn said...

Love your tree, really festive it is too - and it is grand that you have those wonderful made ornaments ( from later post) the ones we make are always the best I think!