What Christmas means to me....

I took a few minutes to check a few of my blog links, one of them being Lemoncholy's by the lovely Kecia. Lennea from Once Upon a Cottage left a comment for Kecia, so I went to check out Lenneas blog.
Lennea has posted a few pics. of her parents Nativity, such a lovely set ! Her words got me to thinking about Christmas and how, in the last few years, nativity scenes have drastically reduced to almost 0. It brings me clost to tears :(
Growing up I got used to the decorated street about 5 minutes from my parents home. One house went all out, stuffing their windows with animated Santas, stars and dolls. In their living room window they always had a gorgeous pink glittered tree with glittery baubles. On either side of the tree was a pair of small white ladders, each with an animated Victoria dressed doll, looking as if they were placing an ornament. Their front lawn had these wonderful wonderful animated ornaments and displays, nothing like you see today ! There was a large plexiglass box with the characters from Charlie Brown Christmas all skating on a mirrored pond along with music, a half-sized version of a pink glittered sleigh, the horses legs moving back and forth, the two people in the sleigh also in Victorian finery and moving their heads. A little Japanese maple tree was covered with little egg holders in foil, there were two of Snoopys dog houses with Snoopy sitting on top as the Red Baron, another animated scene which I can't recall (!). Their pathway was lined with large glittered candycanes and they always decorated their garage door with a scene from Charlie Brown Christmas and a clock to count down the days. It really was a thrill and even adults would get out of their cars and stand with rapt faces, making them all look like children :) Santa felt so incredibly real everytime I saw that house ( even when I became an adult ! )
Almost right across from this house was a plain home but it always put out a very simple, large wooden nativity under a portable rustic wooden shed. The baby Jesus however was a doll nestled inside a straw lined creche. If i remember correctly I think there was even a wooden angel flying just over the shed and a small star. Many young children aren't always fully aware of their feelings, I was no exception, but...when I did look at the nativity I do recall a feeling of peace. Here, amongst the excitement of the house across the street, was this beautiful scene of wonder, this quiet joy and hope that surpassed the joy across the street.
The nativity is no longer there now, the owners may have moved...? I sure do miss it. As for the Charlie Brown Christmas house, the husband/dad has passed away and no longer are there any lawn animations. They still decorate the windows and several times I've thought of going to them and asking if I could help with the larger decorations, but I keep driving by to my moms and am thankful for the memories. But even though I miss the Charlie Brown decorations, not seeing that nativity strikes my heart much harder.

Oh, I have to go soon. But let me finish by saying that commercialism, money and gifts aren't Christmas, to me at least. Oh I do like the excitement and yes, to a degree, even the gifts. But this is what Christmas means to me:

The reason for the season


Once Upon a Cottage said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the nativity! Ilove your blog all decorated for Christmas! Have a very Merry Christmas!