Smashed Bookmarks, Puckered Lips Popcorn and a Partridge ( not in a pear tree )...

Our family has been rather busy what with Christmas and all, so I'm putting aside my weightloss challenge until after Christmas but I will try to stay on track food wise. Okay, okay, I'll admit I've been digging into the chocolate wafers I use for my Smashed Bookmarks.
Smashed Bookmarks ??? Yes, there's an image above showing you a 'hint'. Our son Christian and I took hammers and flattened some spoons to make into bookmarks, but there's a sweet addition too. You're just going to have to pop over to my Etsy shop www.ravensmagiclantern.etsy.com to check them out ;)
Well Christian is now taking cooking lessons in Grade 6. Here you see him making us some flavored popcorn. I guess his teacher has yet to teach them about using 'large quantities of margarine' lol ! This popcorn had at least 2 big tblspns. of marg. and then smothered with brown sugar, cinnamon sugar and garlic salt. Oh my it definately was salty but oh was it good ! We were smacking our lips after a few handfuls and had to gulp down a ton of water, but it was worth it.
He has since gone on to making grilled cheese sandwiches and 'Egg McBayside's' --Bayside is the name of his school and they made a faux version of an Egg McMuffin using a microwave. He can also make his own mac n' cheese ( the Kraft stuff ) and all we do is make sure he drains the macaroni all into the collander instead of the sink.
It's a real joy seeing him grow and learn all these new things !
Finally, you may remember I joined an Artful Christmas Swap ( see link in list ) and have since received the package of gifts. Well today was day one of gift opening woohoo !
The first gift #1 was from Jennifer Conway, another fabulous Etsy artist: www.jenniferconway.etsy.com do go and check out her wonderful shop !! She made a fab. and fun sweet partridge which is coated in beeswax. I really adore it ! THANK-YOU Jennifer for the wonderful partridge, it will be a permanent part of my Christmas display :)
Saturday will be the opening of gift #2 so keep your eyes open for pics.
Have a good night all :)