Does eating lard make you happy too ?

Okay now that is just plain WEIRD and SCARY !! LOL !!

So now that my Etsy sale is finally over ( enjoyed having it but am sooo ready to move on ) and I've begun listing my new, smaller, fun game piece pendants, I thought it high time I take a break from blogging only about Etsy !

Ummmm, okay, what do I write about then ?

Hmmm...had a good day, found out that a 0.25 slice of M & M's Meat Shop chicken pot pie has 1,140 mg of sodium and 550 calories ACK ! I can hear my little heart a pumping right now. I am staying away from that shop, don't buy much from them anyway, but now I know for sure they ain't getting my business ! The food looks oh so wonderful but BUYER BEWARE !! ---read the nutrition labels !

I puttered about the internet trying to find a funny avatar for my shop. Lots of great images but, nope, nothing that really caught my eye. But I did find a couple of sites with some of the weirdest and creepiest vintage ads I've ever seen:

--Found in Mom's Basement

Check out this one for TAPEWORMS as a DIET AID:

My reaction ( as well as many others I'm sure ):


High Desert Diva said...

Oh man! Creepy, but so funny!

kecia said...

hey! gosh, i haven't visited in so long -sorry about that, just crazy busy trying to get things done! that ad is quite interesting (and so is the tape worm one - gross!)i love your little valentine's pendants that you are doing right now - cute! your so funny - i liked how you said you're not doing any of your weird larger items for awhile! love that you used the word "weird" to describe your stuff! anyway, hope you are well!