My weightloss adventure so far....

My weightloss so far is now 13.2 lbs. lost, down to 186.8 woohoo ! It's a slow process and I may not get to 155 by my birthday in March, but that is okay. If I can get to 170 I'd be very happy indeed :) The last time I saw 170 was, I think, before i got pregnant --over 12 years ago o_0

One of the big reasons for my weight gain ? Stress. I don't fare well with negative situations where there doesn't have to be negativity. My dear mom has been a big part of my weight gain, self-centered, her pains are far worse than anyone else's pains, I'm a good daughter when I'm helping her, etc...After seeing her ( only twice a week. I'm very hesitant to want to see her more than I have too ) I developed the habit of going to Starbucks for a grande chai tea latte with regular milk and whipped cream, and then Tim Hortons for a box of 40 Timbits. By the time i got home, about 3 bits would be left, the latte drunk and I'd be shaking from all the sugar.

It was when I topped at 200 lbs. I realised that something had to be done ! My husband and son are sooo dear to me and i was very tired of feeling like crap --in my soul and in my body.
**Also, a little extra stress came from trying to sell on Etsy. Like many others I foolishly got my hopes up too far and when the rush of sales did not happen, yes, it felt awful. But now I am being more sensible and realistic about my art, trying out new things and not worrying if they don't work ( like my Scrabble pendants, fun to make but don't really have much 'oomph' in the sellng department ). I've decided to remove some of them and use them in more interesting ways.

Right now there's still not much of a visual difference, I'm really hoping my c-section tummy will finally flatten more. It embarasses me to say this but I've hated my c-section tummy for many many years. The first year after our son was born, I was doing really well weight wise and was getting a positive handle on my tummy. But then my dad passed away, mom became even more negative....well you know. For the last 11 years I haven't tucked a shirt into my pants ! Yes, it is VANITY and I dislike feeling this way. If I had the money to have it removed...yes, I would do it. Sigh, seems so many of us have something physical that prevents us from being who we truly are :P

Anyway, for the time being I am happy with how the weightloss is going :)

Makes me laugh when I see the big drops in weight on Biggest Loser. Had that been me I'd probably be at my weight goal now but really saggy ! I wonder if many of the Biggest Loser members have had tummy tucks, lipo, etc...because of the rapid loss ? And do they have to pay for it or does the show pitch in ? I enjoy the show, it's one of the only shows I actually take time out for. Sure there's things on there that could bug me, but I let it all slide. One thing though: If only they could quit the dramatic music with the weigh-ins !

Okay, time for a late breakfast :)