My favorite things and a recent Etsy purchase...

Now that the weather over here is finally getting warm and suuny, I felt that my blog posts needed to be a bit more interesting. So far all I've been posting is stuff about my weightloss and my Etsy creations. So every few days I am going to make an effort to post about my favorite things around our home.

If you like to do the same on your blog then leave a comment and I'll pop over to have a lookey-loo.

Okay, I'm posting 2 pics. of my fav. things: the first is my well used tart warmer. Now I will admit it is not something I love, it's actually kinda gaudy and too 'thick' for my liking BUT I do love bees, it was on sale and warms my tarts beautifully ! LOL ! It's a Partylite melter and I think I bought it for $15 a couple years back, pretty good considering their prices. I use it 3-5 times a week.

Next is a pic. showing one of my 'smelly' drawers :) I have two drawers in a bureau in my living room dedicated strictly to candles, incense and tarts. My melter really came into play when I discovered Ficklefaerie on Etsy last year. She makes FANTASTIC TARTS !!! The smells are wonderful !!! My most recent fav. tars have been the Artisan Tea Tarts. Please go and check out her goodies if you're into soy wax tarts and body lotions:

You may also see some of the incense I have, on the right, my most fav. is Violet by the Sandesh Agarbathi Co. And you may have also made out some Partylite boxes in the back ? I do like to light several candles every now and again, especially during dinner or when we're watching a show. But lately I've gone off of Partylite because they can be rather expensive and I've found a wonderful store nearby who sells similar candles for a bit less ( Colonial Candle of Cape Cod ) and I'm saving on shipping costs too.

While I'm gabbing about fav. things, I've found another Etsy seller to buy from. Her shop name is Savor and she makes such lovely soaps, and from the one I've purchased I'm guessing all her scents are delightful.

The soap is called Rosie and I bought it for my mom who loves a good rose scent. I was hesitant at first to purchase because I've bought a couple of smelly things online and the scent was barely there. She assured me hers was strong and she was right ! The rose scent is wonderful !! And if you're wondering what the blob beside the soap is..LOL !..it is actually a sample of another of her soaps. It's a chunk of choc. cookie dough and when I let my husband look at it, he tried nibbling it before I told him what it was lol ! Even our son was stumped at first but after several sniffs he concluded it was most definately soap. Hmmm, I wonder what would have happened if I'd put it in my husbands lunch box...now that would have been funny ! ( evil grin )

As much as I would love to use the rose soap I have to wait until I give it to my mom, she'll be thrilled :) So please do go and check out this lovely soap shop, you won't be disappointed:

Come back soon to see what other favorite item I'll talk about :)