This is where I walk...

2-4 times a week I enjoy going for a 70 minute walk. It's quite a vigorous pace, I always wear thicker clothing to help get the sweat going, and by the time I'm done I've usually burned off breakfast ( anywhere from 380 to over 400 calories ).

Here are several photos of where I walk, I'm so thankful to have such a lovely area to enjoy. Believe it or not, when I'm sweating away I'm also quite relaxed :) It's the birds, the scenery and the air that do it.

Click on the photos and they should enlarge even more

Okay, first shots show where I begin and where I'll be heading.

The highway ( one of the main ones that leads to downtown Victoria B.C. and out to Sidney and the B.C. Ferries ) is on my right. These fields grow vegetables, and when it rains the geese, ducks and swans have a wonderful place to rest and feed.

Okay I've walked to the place you saw in the first photo, this hill really gets the heart rate up and the view is worth it ! The second shot shows more farmland I'll be walking past.

So now I'm going down the 'other side'. It's basically a square I walk and now we're half done. The horses always look the same, heads down, stuffing their faces lol !

On the way back you pass a pig farm. Plenty of squawking chickens and gurgling roosters. The pigs are, well, happy as pigs in poop ! It's possible to carefully reach over the electric fence and scratch an ear ( and then get out the hand sanitizer lol ! ). Those pigs really get comfy too, sometimes stepping on an ear or leg which then creates a few seconds of snarling, quite the drama ! The chickens usually avoid them but the roosters have no problem trodding and standing on their heads.

This pic. shows the last leg of the walk and one of my favorite birds: the raven. There are several raven families around here, I love their size and gracefulness, and that they mate for life. Hence the reason for my Etsy shop name and why it's in my email.

So there's my walk, thanks for coming along !


Chris Stone said...

Looks like a fantastic walk! Mine is along city streets... not near as meditative, but I'd go nuts without it!

kecia said...

love the piggies on your walk! you are doing great with the exercise - keep it up!

xoxo kEcIa

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

When I saw the pictures of your walk I thought it might be on Whidbey Island or somewhere in the San Juans. Then I read your profile and saw you live on Vancouver Island. :) We're practically neighbors!

On my favorite walk is on an old railroad that has been converted to a walking path. My favorite part of the trail goes right through an old cow pasture. Of course, I have to stop and pet the cows that line up along the fence. One time I took my dog with me and when I looked down I saw a couple of calves trying to suck on his ears - needless to say my dog didn't know what to do and just stood there stock still. The look on his face was priceless.

I wonder what he would do if we came across some piggies. :)