Beach glass and other romantic findings

Isn't this glass just gorgeous ! And this is just a 'sample' too ! My grandmother used to be an avid collector of beach glass, wandering the beaches on Dallas Rd. and picking up whatever caught her eye. I was told she has 30 years worth of glass and there are even more bigger buckets at her home !
*Fyi, my grandmother is my birthfathers mom. She carves dolls, does asian and regular painting, a very creative and wonderful person. She's even glued bits of the beach glass to the outside of her 'glitter home' --one of those 1950s homes that have outside walls of little rocks that glitter ( getting more rare to find ).
But now she is in a care home and she does have some of her treasures with her, thank goodness. What I would like to do is fill a plastic jar with some of her beach glass so she can play with it whenever the mood strikes. I may also fill a pretty glass bottle with some too and add water to give the glass a soft effect, something she can put on her window ledge and would look lovely with the light shining through.

My new birth family is full of artistic folk and I'm happy to be one of those artistic types too :) It seems many of us have the magpie syndrome where we just have to collect things, whether from the beach, ground, forest, if it catches our eye then we swoop it up.
Here is a small sampling of some of the treasures I've found over the past years. Much of the larger china pieces and a few larger glass bits were found under the bushes in a dirt pile on a beach just down the road from us. I believe there was once a farmhouse on the cliff and when it was taken down 'they' simply pushed a lot of the leftovers over the edge. Somewhere I also have a few old porcelain spark plugs and more china/glass bits. Over the years the dirt covered it up and every now and again the rain brings some of these lovely treasures back to light.
Last time I was there was last summer, so I've got to get back there soon ! This time I'll wear gloves and bring something proper to dig with ( small trowel ), because sticks don't quite work. It's also great that you're partially hidden so no one else can really see what you're doing :)
The only thing I don't enjoy about finding these treasures: I want to use them in my art and then list in my Etsy shop, but another part of me is reluctant to sell them. Sigh.


TiffanyJane said...

The beach glass is so pretty, such soft delicate colors :)